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Los 12 principios de la animación

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Los 12 principios de la animación fueron desarrollados por los ‘old men’ de los estudios Walt Disney, entre ellos Frank Thomas y Ollie Johnston, durante la década de 1930.
Por supuesto, no eran ancianos en ese momento, sino jóvenes que estaban a la vanguardia de emocionantes descubrimientos que contribuían al desarrollo de una nueva forma de arte. Estos principios surgieron como resultado de la reflexión sobre su práctica y del deseo de Disney de utilizar la animación para expresar carácter y personalidad.

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History of “The Legend of Tembo”

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Directed by the two Disney veterans: Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. Tembo is the story of an African baby elephant who is captured and sent to India, become a fierce battle elephant, he has to become something that is not, in order to return home.
Unfortunately, Digital Domain Tradition Studios in Florida went bankrupt and this production was canceled.
Since then, some artists have kept the memory of Tembo sharing paintings and concept arts, pencil tests, 3D animations and even complete sequences.

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Zootopia Concept Art

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The last weekend just saw Zootopia. I was totally impresed by the cuality of all departaments, every singel frame was like a ilustracion.
Here are some of the pieces that Comcept Art departament did come up with. All of them propety of Disney.
Works by extraordinary artists Cory Loftis and Matthias Lecher

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Tad2, Here we Go!!!

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I feel so lucky to say that im actually working on the preproduction of the 3rd animated film of Lightbox Animation Studios.
Sequel to the successful Spanish animation film TAD, THE LOST EXPLORER whose main character is a mason dreamer who accidentally becomes involved in an archaeological adventure.
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