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Currently working as Animation Director at Tequila Works.
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head 12 principios

Los 12 principios de la animación

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Los 12 principios de la animación fueron desarrollados por los ‘old men’ de los estudios Walt Disney, entre ellos Frank Thomas y Ollie Johnston, durante la década de 1930. Por…

ilion paramount

Working on Paramount film!

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Im working on the upcoming Paramount film, Amusement Park, directed by the well known Pixar animator and supervisor Dylan Brown.

la noria cuadrada

La Noria. Animated horror film

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Darkness isn’t always what it seems. Like a huge fan of horror and animation films I always was waiting for someone with the enough courage and talent to mix them…


Capture the Flag – Progress shot

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That day when you open shot assignments and see this 2 beautiful shots next to your name. I felt very grateful. So much thanks to my Lead: Adrien Dogz, and…


Big Hero 6 Character Studies

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During the early development stages of Big Hero 6, Disney animators had to figure out how each of their main characters moved. So they made these test animations to study…


Alleycats Trailer

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Here is an animation short where 2 good friends are working on. The project actually looks great, in fact, I think is good idea with potential. ALLEYCATS is right now in crowdfunding campaign, so take a…


History of “The Legend of Tembo”

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Directed by the two Disney veterans: Aaron Blaise and Chuck Williams. Tembo is the story of an African baby elephant who is captured and sent to India, become a fierce battle…


Zootopia Concept Art

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The last weekend just saw Zootopia. I was totally impresed by the cuality of all departaments, every singel frame was like a ilustracion. Here are some of the pieces that Comcept Art…